GTRS Vboy 222w mod, with Yihi SX520 chip

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More Details:

Size: 49*93*31mm
Chip: YiHi SX520
Output Voltage: 9.5V
Wattage: 5-222W  Pure step-down design ( can't support 222W output when the resistance is too high).
Wattage / Joule temperature control double mode
Supported resistance: 0.05次- 3次, best effect 0.1次-0.5次, when lower than 0.05次, the device enters conserve mode.
High/low voltage protection: The device will stop working when the battery voltage is lower 6.4V or higher than 9.0V

Joule mode(J): 10-120J Supports Nickel wire (Ni200), Titanium wire (Ti01) and SS wire (S316L).
TCR mode: Support Nickel wire (Ni200), Titanium wire (Ti01) and SS wire (S316L/SS304).
TCR range: 0.00050-0.00700
Date & Time: Support 2015-2030 date and time setting, 24 hours system.
Wallpaper: 10pcs wallpapers, connect desktop software SXI, where you can customize wallpapers 6-10.
Font: Switchable, 2 kinds of fonts.
Stand-by time settings: 30s - 3min
Power & Joule Memories: Each M1 - M5 gears for switch..
Taste: Standard, Powerful, Powerful+, Curve (Sxiq-S1) and, Soft modes.
Constant power output accuracy ㊣5%.
Efficiency: 94%.

V BOY SUB OHM 222W is a high-end advanced personal vaporizer TC box mod, developed by the GTRS and YiHi, the best vaping chip company in Asia. It features a gorgeous 1.3 inch TFT IPS full HD color screen, with a 240 * 240PX resolution which will bring you an unparalleled visual enjoyment, and features the ability to customize wallpapers.

Equipped with YiHi high-performance SX520 chipset, with a maximum power of 222W, accurate operation, with no delay when you click the fire button. With the YiHi chip, the performance is particularly strong, with independent intellectual property rights, and supporting dual 18650/20700/21700 batteries, featured in a small and elegant design.Designed by Alan, a well-known designer (Alan won more than a dozen German's Red Dot Design Awards in 2015-2016).

With an unique kingly appearance to attract people, personalized LED lights, full of power. V BOY SUB OHM 222W Captivating eyes box, will become a good partner in your life!

How to use:
1) Turn on/off & Main menu operation: 5 times click the fire button in 2 seconds, the screen will show the logos, then the system turns on, in standby mode, 5 times click the fire button within 2 seconds enter the main menu, click S2 (down) or S4 (up) button to switch click S3(mode) to select an item in the menu and click S2 (down) and S4 (up) to adjust or change a parameter click S3 (mode) to confirm and go back to the menu, choose SYSTEM OFF then click S3(mode) to turn off the device.
2) Wattage, Joule, Temperature setting: On standby mode, click S3(MODE) when the number on the screen turns red, click S2 (down) or S4 (up) to increase or decrease, click S3(mode) switch power (Watts), Joule (J), Temperature ( ⊥ or 沈), the adjustable range will be: Wattage: 5-222w, Joule: 10-120J, Temperature: 100-300⊥, 212-572沈.
3) Operation & Cut-off: Connect an atomizer and set the parameter, click the S1(power) button to use. 10 seconds cut off per puff.
4) Font Select: On main menu mode, click S2 (down) or S4 (up) choose Font Select, click S3(mode) enter the Font select, then choose Font1 or Font2 with S2 (down) or S4 (up) button and confirm with S3 (mode).
5) Novice mode: Hold S2 (down) AND S4 (up) to enter novice mode and hold S2 (down) AND S4 (up) to exit, in novice mode only wattage (power) can be adjusted.

6) Adjust Temp: On main menu mode, click S2 (down) or S4 (up) to choose between centigrade or Fahrenheit degrees.

7) Select coil: On main menu mode, Click S2 (down) or S4 (up) choose Select Coil, you can choose Ni200, Ti01, SS316L, SX Pure and TCR.

8) Manual TCR setting: On main menu mode, choose Setting TCR, general parameter: (Ni200)--0.00690, (Ti01)--0.00350, (S316L)--0.00088.

9) Standby time: On main menu mode, choose Standby Time, adjustable 3s-3min.

10) Time Select: On main menu mode, choose Time Set, click S2(down) S3(mode) S4(up) set the time.

11) Wallpaper Select: On main menu mode, choose Wallpaper Select, you can choose 1-10 wallpapers.

12) Brightness: On main menu mode, choose Brightness, click S2 (down) or S4 (up) choose brightness 0-10.

13) Taste Select: On standby mode, click S2(down) choose Standard, Powerful, Powerful+, Sxi-Q-S1, Soft.

14) Memory Select: On standby mode, click S4 (up) switch M1-M5, when adjusting the parameters on each gear, press S3(mode) then adjust with S2 (down) and S4(up), save with S1(power), then press S4(up) enter the next gear.

15) SXI-Q-S1 curve mode setting: After choosing SXI-Q-S1, press S3(mode) to switch, every 0.5S as a step, press S2 (down) and S4(up) can set the current wattage or joule, save with S1(power) after setting. (The SXI-Q curve must be set in power mode to program over 120 Jules, the curve will keep its values set in Power mode when selecting temperature modes)

16) System update: Open SXI on computer, click update button, then open the new update files, connect the chip with USB line, press update button. (Remove atomizer for updates)

17) Compensate Temp: On TC mode, 5 times click the fire button enter the main menu, choose Compensate Temp, press S2 (down) and S4(up) set the compensate temp with 0-50, 32-122.


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