GTRS G-Mate pod mod 400mah battery

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Product Description:


     G-mate is an electronic cigarette equipment set of technology and fashion,

simple and stylish design, compact and portable,  with independent intellectual

property, high performance, high innovation and mature technical support. Work

with built-in 400mAh battery, high-efficient work.The atomizer is simple operation

and easy to use. Power and temperature intelligent control to bring you a smooth

smoke experience.



Order Tips:

1) Easy of use
2) Easy quick Micro USB pass-thru charging
3) Sleek and modern aesthetic
4) Lightweight and portable
5) Refillable pods
6) Pocketable and ergonomic
7) LED battery indication
8) 1.5ml capacity pods
9) Perfect for beginners
10) Sophisticated design
11) 400mah battery life
12) Limitless e-liquid/ e-juice selection
13) Visible liquid monitoring
Built-in safety protection

15) Lifetime warranty on battery




G-Mate Pod vapes is small, lightweight and easy to operate. This makes

them ideal for smokers making the switch to vaping. If you already use

a vape mod, it¡¯s still a great idea to own a G-Mate pod mod to carry

around when you¡¯re on the go. You can chuck a bunch of them in your

pocket and just go about your day. They¡¯re much more convenient than

carrying around a big mod.




Standard Kit Contains:

1)1 x rechargeable device
2)1 x USB charger
3)1 x User Manual
4)1 x extra cartomizer


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