The reason and solutions of e-liquid frying
Planning Department: Mr chen

Although compared with many sophisticated electronic products, electronic cigarettes will not encounter too many problems in use. But in the process of atomizer, the problem of frying oil has caused a lot of headaches for many players, so let me teach you some tips.

1.What is e-liquid frying? How to judge your atomizer have this problem?

Simply judging from the sound, the hissing sound is normal when the coil heating the eliquid, if it sound crackling and comes with eliquid splashing, then the device have this problem.

2.The output device has an important influence on the problems of atomizing core frying oil.

The heat required for e-liquid atomization is provided by the coil, and the output of the coil heat is the electronic cigarette voltage. Excessive output voltage will cause the coil to heat up too much, which will not only cause the problem of the atomizing core frying oil, but also Let the taste of smoke oil change and lose its proper taste. And when the output is too strong, there may even be the possibility of burning the atomizer core.

3.The regular pins will greatly reduce the problem of smoke oil splashing.

The uniform and stable heating of the coil part can ensure the smooth atomization of the smoke oil, and if the foot needle touches the cotton, the heat generated by the foot needle will also atomize the smoke oil on the cotton, but compared with the coil part, the foot needle The heat generation is completely different from the heating area, which will cause the phenomenon of incomplete atomization of the e-liquid, and the larger crackling produced by the atomizer core is largely caused by the contact between the feet and the cotton .

4.The reflux of condensate is the main culprit of the finished core frying oil.

After the finished core atomizer is placed for a period of time after normal use, and then used, it will produce a crackling sound of frying, which is caused by the backflow of condensate. The water content in the condensate is very high, and it is easy to produce a state close to boiling when the coil is heated. When mixed with the e-liquid, it will cause the e-liquid to splash.

5.The coil after carbon deposit will also cause the problem of frying oil.

Coking of the coil is difficult to avoid, and the coil that produces coke will have the problem of uneven heating when heated. Uneven local heat will cause the smoke oil to splash in the high-calorie part, causing the problem of frying oil. This phenomenon is more common on fancy coils.

6.How to reduce the frying oil problem of the atomizer core through reasonable use?

First of all, ensure the reasonable output voltage of the equipment. In the last second or so of the suction process, release the ignition key and then perform air suction to ensure that the smoke in the atomization chamber is completely sucked out. When making the coil, try to ensure that the pins are not in contact with the cotton. Use the coil for a period of time to clean or replace in time, and control the amount of dripping when the dripping atomizer is dripping smoke oil.

Although the frying oil problem of the atomized core is more or less present in our use process, through more reasonable use habits, it can still greatly reduce and avoid the occurrence of the phenomenon of atomized core frying.